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XCOM 2 devs explain why it's exclusive to PC

09/06/2015 08:45:10

The announcement of XCOM 2 this week as a PC exclusive surprised people, but the PC focus is allowing developer Firaxis Games to optimize the game for computers.


Jake Solomon, creative director on XCOM 2 and lead designer on its predecessor, 2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown, told IGN that Firaxis had many "very, very ambitious goals" for the game. In particular, the developers wanted to implement physically based rendering, better environmental destruction, and "high-fidelity characters and environments," according to IGN. At the top of the list was procedurally generated maps, a feature Solomon wanted to get into Enemy Unknown but couldn't. In addition, XCOM 2 will support mods, which wouldn't be possible on consoles.


"To do that, we had to use all of our studio expertise... and our expertise here is PC," said Solomon. "That's our home, and that's where we're really comfortable."



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