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Wreckfest: PS4 and Xbox One versions and new projects announced

29/08/2016 13:41:44

Wreckfest coming to PlayStation 4 AND Xbox One and Stunfest, a new game coming soon.

Bugbear Entertainment, the videogame developer of the Netherlands, has announced their racing game, Wreckfest, is officially coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

"Thanks to the raw power of both Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 we will be able to unleash our undistilled vision of a next-generation demolition racing game on consoles as well and expand our audience considerably." Said Janne Alaneapaa, Studio Director.

Players now can pre-order so that they can sending feedback that will help make the game better before its final release.

In addition, their new project, Stuntfest is a wacky vehicle-based physics playground that will enable players to create their own mischievous levels using the easy-to-use in-game editor and then trying to accomplish all sorts of crazy ragdoll stunts with a choice of vehicles ranging from mobility scooters to shopping carts. 

For pre-order Wreckfest and Stuntfest, visit the official website.

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