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World of Warcraft celebrates Halloween too with Haunted Azeroth

28/10/2015 07:56:21

In honor Hallow’s End, Blizzard experts have trudged through every swamp, cave, crevice, dungeon, and field to bring you some of the scariest and most bizarre locations and occurrences in Azeroth.


Tirisfal Glades
It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the home territory of the Forsaken serves as host to a couple of Azeroth’s most haunting and bizarre occurrences.


Deadwind Pass
The winds of Deadwind Pass are ceaseless, carrying the sounds of creeks, howls, screeches and all manner of hair raising emanations. You may already know of the horrors that lay within Karazhan’s halls, but perhaps you have yet to venture into the mouth of its crypt.


Elwynn Forest
Elwynn Forest has seen its share of historical events, but on its surface, it seems like a place you could raise a family, but even this place has its share of secrets.



Blasted Lands
High above the Shattered landing, the strange and mysterious remnants of what could possibly have been a ritual gone awry, sit untouched and unspoiled by the ongoing struggles below it. Four skeletal remains sit with jars at hand and a shackled pillar between them – the chains adorned with small metal-worked dragon heads. A basin filled with a golden glow beneath it swirls. No sign remains as to whether their ritual was successful or was the means of their demise.


These are just a very small few of the places that you can find throughout Azeroth. Only the curious and brave will make the journey, but we are sure it will be worthwhile.


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