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World of Warships: Patch Alert

12/04/2016 09:44:22

According to a post in the official website of the game, we bid a fond farewell to the April Fools mode but two new ships are on the horizon!

The patch is scheduled for 12 April and will be applied on the servers from 07:00 until 08:30 CEST (UTC+2) during which time the game server will be offline.

Disabled 'April Fools" event consists of:

-Disabled "April Fools" music and sound

-Removed "April Fools" ships with their crews and slots. If commanders from other ships were assigned to any of the special event ships, then after this update they will be sent to the reserve without any change in specialisation.

Meanwhile, 2 more ships have been added to the client, but aren't available yet to the general public. You may, however, see them being tested on the live server!

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