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World of Warships: Yubari, the Plane Swatter

22/05/2015 09:48:50

The tier IV Japanese light scout cruiser, the Yubari is every pilot’s worst nightmare. With 26 gun barrels pointing towards the sky, she can protect allied battleships against attacks from the air while performing her duties as a cruiser.


Don’t let her modern looks confuse you, this experimental light scout cruiser is actually a very old ship that was commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1923. Despite this, a modern design was applied to the armour and the general build of the hull. The armour was incorporated into the hull itself, reducing the weight of the ship to meet displacement requirements.


What is more, trunking systems channelled the fumes from her boilers into a single smoke stack, which allowed the Japanese engineers to mount more weapons. All of these design choices were later applied to future destroyers and cruisers, so we could say this experiment paid off for Japanese shipbuilders.


This ship is currently available in the pre-order shop as part of the “Sky Sweeper” package and will be available until the end of the Closed Beta phase. Don’t snooze as it will remain exclusive for one year after the sale ends.



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