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World of Warships: Global Open beta begins

06/07/2015 09:47:02

Wargaming has announced that the global open beta for World of Warships is now underway.


Over 400,000 players took part in the closed beta testing and now it's time to unleash the game on even more captains. The OBT will feature ten new maps, four vessel classes and much more.


The Open Beta commences with a total of 10 original maps and over 90 warships.


You can command iconic historical vessels under the American and Japanese banners, with fully fledged tech-trees divided into 4 ship classes that significantly differ in gameplay and tactics.


Besides the 2 dominating nations, you can take helm of Russian and British ships that are heralding the coming of other major fleets into the game in the future.


Signal flags and camouflage customization not only let you distinguish your vessels visually, but also tweak the performance of your ships based on how you want to play.


Your commanders have a progression of their own, gaining experience for each and every battle and unlocking new skills that will help you make your mark on the battlefield.


Achievements and account levelling is another way of tracking your progress in the game and rewarding you with in-game bonuses and features that unlock more ways to play.



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