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World of Warcraft's new Tokens on sale!

08/04/2015 09:37:09

Starting April 7, you'll be able to pay for game time using in-game gold in a whole new way.


Blizzard has announced that the Blizzard Token is being sold in the Americas region (North America, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand). The tokens will sell for $20 USD / $25 AUD. Players will be limited to purchasing ten tokens over 30-days but Blizzard will be assessing that number over time.


At this point, the amount of in-game gold for which tokens will be sold will be 30,000 via a special version of the World of Warcraft Auction House, though the market to determine how much gold each token is worth over time.


Once purchased in game, the tokens become soul bound and can be kept indefinitely until a player chooses to redeem one for a month's subscription time.



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