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World of Warcraft loses 800,000 subscribers in three months

07/08/2014 10:15:00

MMO now has 6.8 million subscribers; Diablo III sales reach 20 million copies, as Activision Blizzard sees revenue climb year-over-year.


World of Warcraft lost 800,000 subscribers during the April-June quarter, publisher Activision Blizzard announced today as part of its latest earnings report. As of June 30, the game had 6.8 million subscribers, which is down from the 7.6 million subscribers as of March 31.


Activision says the downturn in subscribers came mostly in the East. The company called the decline "seasonal" and pointed out that the dip in subscribers was similar to what we saw in the second quarter of 2012, ahead of the release of World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria.


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