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World of Tanks Xbox One release date set

23/07/2015 10:11:39

World of Tanks’ Xbox One release date has been officially set for July 28. With the release come several updates and overhauls.


As seen in the official World of Tanks E3 trailer, Wargaming has officially announced the release date of World of Tanks for Xbox One. The massively popular tank MMORPG will be available for Xbox One next week, on July 28. With the Xbox One release come several updates and overhauls.


First, World of Tanks will receive a massive graphics overhaul.The game has evolved a lot since its initial introduction to PC and Xbox 360. The game will receive better polygons and textures to match the ever-developing climate of modern titles.


Second, the game will feature cross platform PvP between Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game. Starting July 28, players on either console will be able to play each other online seamlessly. Wargaming’s move into cross-platform compatibility makes World of Tanks a cutting edge multiplayer experience. It is one of the first titles to successfully integrate different systems onto one server.


Wargaming also promises that all hard-earned vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium time on players’ existing Xbox Live accounts will be transferred when they make the switch from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.



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