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World of Tanks: Update 9.14

14/03/2016 08:07:17

This update will definitely peak your interest, as it introduces some major improvements to the tank movement physics and sound, among other things.


Improved Vehicle Movement Physics
From this update onward, your tanks will behave more realistically in battle, thanks to the new physics system improvements. Moreover, this will enable the execution of a variety of new Maneuvers during battle.


Improved Sounds
The sound system has also undergone some interesting tweaks, thanks to which the sounds you can now experience in the game are deeper, more realistic and enjoyable. on top of that, the scope of sounds you can hear from a distance has been reduced in order to reduce the chances of them becoming confusing.


Minimap Improvements
The minimap has been supplemented with extra information, including the maximum spotting range, as well as your vehicle’s dynamic view range. This feature was one of the most popular requests provided by the community, and one that will definitely provide substantial help on the battlefield.


More info about Update 9.14:



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