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World of Tanks Update 2.7: Grit of War, arrives to consoles

30/03/2016 08:17:26

New maps, immersive effects, and more goodies are in the cards.


New maps
Great Wall
Hidden Village
Pacific Island – War!


Particle effects and audio
All platforms will receive enhanced particle effects and audio. The particle effects will vary by tier, vehicle size and velocity, and the audio has been improved to match the terrain you're rolling on. Listen close and you can hear small particles hitting tank fenders, grass being pushed out of the way, and so on.


Environmental accumulation effects
Vehicles on Xbox One and PS4 will visually change based on the terrain. Dirt, grass, sand, and snow can be kicked up on your tracks and lower hull, bringing the battle closer to life!


Crew Ranks
Each Crew member in your Garage will receive a military-based rank associated with their respective country. As your Crews earn more XP by participating in battle, they will be promoted. The more experienced the Crew, the more prestigious their rank!



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