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World of Tanks Update 2.5 arrives to consoles

28/12/2015 09:10:53

Update 2.5: Winter Destroyers features plenty of new goodies as well as a brand new experience for first time players!


Six Stalwart Sharpshooters


If you've ventured high into the tech trees, then you already know that the existing British tank destroyer line favors armor and firepower over mobility. These bullish TDs are powerhouses in most scenarios, but don't offer much flexibility if you're out of position. Well, worry no more friend, with these sterling additions, adaptability and precision are your watchwords, and your enemies won't know what hit them!


Six deadly new tank destroyers arrive in the British arsenal, each one bearing monstrous firepower and enough speed to relocate to any corner of the map. With the exception of the Archer, all of these new vehicles are equipped with turrets, giving them unparalleled flexibility to track and destroy moving targets!


New Features

Given to new players upon login
The Initial Player Experience feature introduces new players to gameplay basics in PvE battles and advanced concepts in the Garage. Players can easily opt-out of this feature from the pause menu at any time and experienced players will not see this feature.


Can be acquired in the Tech Tree by all players
Leads to the M2 Light and T2 Medium



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