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World of Tanks Blitz: Royal Race event

10/09/2015 11:45:21

A new event called Royal Race is rolling into World of Tanks Blitz! It’s time to get the Union Jack bunting out because this one is all about the new line of British Tank Destroyers introduced in Update 2.1.


This event will measure the number of battles played in the AT 2, AT 8, AT 7, AT 15, Tortoise and FV215b (183). Wargaming set a target of 1 million - surely we can smash that?


For your battles to count in these tanks, you must have played at least 25 battles - every battle thereafter will appear on the counter. Play that amount of battles (or more) and if we reach our goal, Wargaming will reward you for your efforts with 5 days of Premium and a garage slot.


This event will run until 18 September, so get as many battles as you can in for the cause!



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