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World of Tanks 9.13 now available

18/12/2015 09:19:59

This update will definitely peak your interest, as it introduces a whole branch of Czechoslovakian tanks to the game, some reworked additional vehicles for HD quality, and some balance changes to over 30 vehicles.


New Nation: Czechoslovakia
With this update, a total of 10 new vehicles roll out into the World of Tanks battlefields, all part of the 8th nation in the game – Czechoslovakia. Some of these vehicles may seem familiar to you, especially in lower Tiers. However, the higher Tiers definitely blow some fresh air into the game and may shake up the pecking order in Tier X battles. Bat Chats, beware!


New Map: Pilsen
Along with the Czechoslovakian tech tree comes a fitting map as well. The map is called Pilsen and adds to the ambience of the update perfectly, as it was inspired by a real town in Czechoslovakia. Pilsen was known for its heavy industry and factories. These were used under German occupation to produce countless tanks and armoured vehicles for the needs of the Wehrmacht.

This is reflected nicely in the map's design: you will be fighting on the grounds of a ravaged industrial complex, with huge halls, production lines and warehouses lying in ruins around you. They will provide a unique experience and a multitude of tactical possibilities to commence daring assaults upon the enemy team or set an ambush for stray tanks.

The map will be available in Random and Rampage battles.


HD Vehicles
With Update 9.13, an additional 23 vehicles were reworked for HD quality. These include:

USSR: LTP, SU-18, SU-152, KV-3, KV-5.
Germany: Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs.
USA: M7 Priest, T29, T30, T54E1, T95E6.
France: AMX AC mle. 48.
UK: Birch Gun, Cruiser I, Cruiser II, Cruiser III, Cruiser IV, Comet, AT 15A.
China: WZ-111, Chi-Ha.
Japan: Ha-Go, Ke-Ni.


Vehicle Rebalancing
The new game version also introduces some changes to multiple vehicles that are meant to improve their balance.









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