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The British arrive to World of Tanks for PlayStation 4!

11/02/2016 08:23:12

Wargaming adds over 40 vehicles and 11 new maps to World of Tanks.


Wargaming has announced the first massive content update for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 has gone live worldwide! The game, which has already surpassed 1 million registered users shortly after its January 19 release, has augmented its in-game tank arsenal with the addition of the British Tech Tree along with new maps.


In this content update, World of Tanks brings an impressive force of over 40 powerful British vehicles to the PlayStation 4 battlefield.


Additionally, some of the most notable maps in World of Tanks have been added to PlayStation 4, including "Siegfried Line," "Fisherman's Bay", "Ensk War!" and many others. 





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