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Map Madness approaches to World of Tanks for PS4 and Xbox One

05/02/2016 08:58:43

Update 2.6:


Seven new maps from swamps to snowy mountains will soon be available!


Serene Coast
Don't be fooled by the name; this coast is anything but serene when tanks are rolling out! Once a thriving coastal village under a Gibraltar-esque promontory, Serene Coast is now a battlefield under constant turmoil!


Fjords encompasses a small thriving port town to the south, huge mountains to the north, and narrow valleys between them.


Sacred Valley & War! Variant
Sacred Valley has frosty peaks, winding roads and plenty of cover points including a rural village. Tanks with excellent gun depression should make use of the ridge lines to poke, fire, and disengage!


This battlefield is set on an isolated Canadian lumber mill which has seen better days. Northwest features multiple levels of terrain, plenty of vantage points and winding roads, making way for corridor-like battles.


Artic Region – Snow
This snow-covered map features numerous routes circling around rocky mountains. There's plenty of cover to be found from large rocks, hills and even bunkers!


Here's a shocker: Swamp has a swamp in the center of the map. Joking aside, only brave tankers should dare to cross it.














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