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World of Tanks - Version 9.7: New French vehicles

23/04/2015 09:11:18

Seven new French vehicles will be added to World of Tanks as part of Update 9.7: SARL 42, Somua S35, G1 R, Renault R35, FCM 36, AMX 30 and AMX 30B.


They will enrich the French tech tree in both its lower and upper tier strata.


The new French vehicles can be divided into two groups: the low tier vehicles that make up the first group will be appealing to players who like pre-war vehicles and low-level battles. The post-war AMX 30 and AMX 30B make up the second group. 


The gameplay of the high tier vehicles included in the new branch will be interesting for players who are pretty confident of their skills and who like considerate action, i.e. analysing the tactical situation and forcing the enemy to play by their rules.


Get ready for Update 9.7 and best of luck on the battlefield!









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