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WildStar 1.5.1 Update goes live today

04/05/2016 11:31:05

The next update of WildStar is coming soon. On May 4th, the update 1.5.1 will bring a series of new contents to the game, including the next chapter the Vault of the Archon, new tutorial, the Signature Station and a new welcome window.

The Vault of the Archon is the next chapter in WildStar's World Story. Both Dominion and Exiles are enlisted by the Caretaker to aid him in his search for the Vault of the Archon—a secret facility where the Eldan Archon, Jariel, hid his most sensitive data. 

The Signature Station is a new section of the in-game store. It's an area with items for purchase that are exclusive to the Signature members. And the welcome window will clue players into what's going on in the game whenever they log in.



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