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WildStar: Making the early game more accessible

27/08/2015 09:41:34

Carbine's Brianna Schneider, Lead Game Designer, has penned the latest 'Deep Dive' on the WildStar site.


This week's topic is the new player experience and, as the title indicates, making the early game more accessible.


Based on feedback over the course of WildStar's first year, the team received a lot of feedback about the steep learning curve for new players. As a result, several key changes are being implemented as WildStar heads for free to play later this year.


Among the incoming updates players can expect are:


  • Make character creation easier and more intuitive with a new look and flow.
  • Offer three starting options based on your level of experience with WildStar so you only play as much of the tutorial as you need.
  • Make changes to arkship layout and content to reduce the risk of getting lost and keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Revisit the rollout of tutorials in the first ten levels so you’re getting the most important lessons at the right times.
  • Add new effects and animation to draw attention to tutorials players were easily missing.



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