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What can we expect from Star Citizen?

01/12/2014 13:25:00

Recently, we’ve known that the ambitious game that Cloud Imperium games will release next year, Star Citizen, reached one more million dollars (from a total of 60 million) in its crowdsourcing campaign on KickStarter, what make it the most successful project in a crowdsourcing platform.


However, is the game really that amazing? Why is it so promising? Let’s see why Star Citizen is the hype of the moment.


Chris Roberts’ author seal. The author question is starting to be a key value in games’ world, and this man is a god. He began his career in Origin Systems with the game Times of Lore (1986) and the legendary saga Wing Commander (1990). In the middle nineties, he left Origin and founded his own company, Digital Anvil, later acquired by Microsoft. After some ups and downs, Roberts left the project and founded Cloud Imperium Games Corporation in 2011. Two years ago he made a marketing action for his fans (a bit egoistical, by the way) and announced Star Citizen. Art house gaming? Cult gaming? Whatever.


Wing Commander III (Origin Systems, 1995)


Unlimited budget. As we said before, the budget of this game seems to have no limits: what we have is the first AAA game funded this way. So there is a real interest for the game to succeed and with the highest quality. The limit will be set by investors… Or by ROI. When gamers and investors’ claims reach the top of what developers are able to include, is over.


Dosed promises. Let’s simulate space combats with the more sophisticated AI we’re able to create, let’s spend 35,000 dollars to create a ship model, let’s release the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, let the gamers test some modules, let’s walk on a planet’s surface, let’s show you the FPS mode… All these dosage of available information about the game, creates expectation and hype, something we’re getting used to. The game will probably be great, but with this kind of information, it seems is going to be unlimited. But, as all games, it won’t.


Star Citizen’s release is supposed to be at 2016 (Cloud Imperium Games)


Well, we’d better stop being so haters. Besides all this marketing stuff, Star Citizen looks amazing:


The game is a masterpiece. Even if you ever never played a space sim in your entire life, you will want to play Star Citizen as soon as you take a look at its Youtube Channel. Yes, there are another space sim games that can offer similar features, like Eve Online. We could even say that Eve Online is bigger and more complex and that its economy only depends on players (there are no NPC’s)… And it is going to make you sweat with its realism. However, Star Citizen launches community and offers more leeway to gamers to experience new features… And the games is not finished yet.


FPS up-to-date. The game is not a shooter and, usually, no shooting games with shooting features are not convincing. “If you want a FPS, you buy a FPS”. But Star Citizen breaks this rule and offers a top quality shooting mode, as developers showed recently in PAX Australia, in Melbourne.



CryEngine 3. Nothing to envy to new gen consoles graphics.


50 hours campaign: Even those who has no experience in this kind of games can reach the Jedi Master’s degree before trying multiplayer with the campaign mode, called Squadron 42, with 50 missions to complete.


Newton system navigation. You can control all the parameters of the navigation. For the creation of the space navigation system, creators took into consideration the inertia (a variable which is stronger in space navigation because of there’s no air resistance, among other factors), changes in the mass and other aspects that use to simplified in simulators. Besides, the creators said that each ship is unique and has its own features, not only more power and speed that lower models. But it means that you will have to control a lot of parameters at the same time and pay attention to all of them if you want to keep the balance of your ship.


Persistent Universe: no more shards. There’s one universe in which you can find all players. So you say you can’t play with your friend because server division split you in different and permanent shards? Forget it. In the Server of the Galaxy all players live together, that can join in shards, but not permanent.



This adventure promises to revolutionize MMO games: two completely different genres merged in one game, amazing graphics and a huge universe to discover. Let’s see how much time the project is still growing, if it marks a milestone in PC games and if it’s true what its trailer says: “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated… I am a PC game”. 

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