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Valve adds two-factor login authentication to Steam mobile app

17/04/2015 09:56:53

Valve is updating Steam's Android and iOS mobile applications to add two-factor logins to Steam, giving users of the service an additional layer of security for their accounts.


The Steam Guard mobile authenticator is going into limited beta in the mobile apps for Steam, Valve said in an update. In addition to two-factor authentication the mobile authenticator will provide "additional ways to protect and recover your account."


Players who opt to use the authenticator will need to input a code sent to their mobile device every time they log in to Steam.


The Android version of the Steam Mobile app was has been already updated — with "New security features and some bug fixes" — on the Google Play store. It appears that the iOS version has not yet been updated.


Valve introduced Steam Guard in 2011, giving Steam users an extra security measure with which to protect their accounts.


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