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Universim is coming back

23/08/2016 13:28:21

According to the developer, Crytive Games, their god-game – Universim – is aimed to revive the glory days of the genre.

It is not a copycat of any previous games in this genre, but rather a tribute for the genre itself. In the Universim, players will control entire, procedurally-generated planets, complete with wildlife and dynamic environment conditions. 

Players will certainly spot some familiar mechanics in the Universim, adapted from some of the best god games of all time, but it´s almost entirely designed form the ground up.

This Universim version is different from its previous version, according to the developer, on new mechanics, new features, new eras and planets, which will be added. 

Universim does not have a release date yet. It is currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux in a relatively early stage of development, both on Steam or GOG.

For new information about the game please visit the official site and follow other press releases.


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