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Ubisoft retires its Frag Dolls team

02/06/2015 08:51:29

Frag Dolls founder Morgan Romine said on the group's official website that the team is being retired, writing that "the world of video games has moved on."


"We can count it as progress that 'girls playing games' is no longer the source of surprise that it once was," Romine said. "We've said many times over the years that we hoped to one day see true gender equity across gaming communities, rendering an all-girl gaming team unremarkable. I won't claim that we've reached gender equity, by any means; we still have a long way to go. But there has been progress enough that we've reached the clear beginning of a new era..."


Ubisoft founded the Frag Dolls in 2004 and has counted more than 20 members among its ranks. At the time of its formation, Romine wrote, "we weren't really sure what the Frag Dolls should be, and certainly never imagined what it would become."


Romine thanked Ubisoft for its support of the Frag Dolls, saying the publisher treated the group as more than just a marketing device.


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