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Trinium Wars will arrive in February to Steam Early Access

22/01/2016 09:52:53

The MMORPG offers three classes at total: Warrior, Ghost and Esper, representing the most popular class types Tank, Healer and Dealer but with a free skill system.


Jang Wook Lee has extensive experience in the gaming industry, working at SEGA and most recently as Lead Artist on Diablo 3 at industry giant Blizzard. With Trinium Wars he now launches his first own game: a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi MMORPG.


The unusual setting makes Trinium Wars unique and brings a new twist to the genre. From bare wastelands to fresh forests, Trinium Wars offers diverse landscapes, exciting fights with native mutants and an enthralling storyline around the two competing factions. The Narc who came to Earth in the quest for a new home and who bring with their cat ears a slight fantasy touch to the grim Sci-Fi universe of Trinium Wars. The second faction are the Humans, who had to leave Earth after the nuclear devastation of World War III. After 200 years living in space they are now reclaiming what once belonged to them.



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