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This month in World of Warcraft

05/02/2015 17:50:00

Blizzard has posted a new blog update that gives World of Warcraft players a look ahead at what they can expect to find in game during February.


The biggest news is, of course, the opening of the second raid in the Warlords of Draenor expansion that was released in November. Players have been progressing through the Highmaul raid since early December and most are looking forward to the opening of Blackrock Foundry.


The annual Valentine celebration, Love is in the Air, will be ongoing through February 16th.
Darkmoon Faire will kick off on February 8th and run through the 14th.
The Lunar Festival begins on February 16th and runs through March 2nd
The last chance to tame a Snowy Owl ends with the end of winter


Lastly, the team is encouraging players to look ahead to patch 6.0.1 that is currently on the PTR.

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