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The Witcher: Battle Arena delivers a multiplayer warzone with this new mobile MOBA

03/07/2014 08:25:00

"Our reputation is at stake," says Tadeusz Zieliński, the man at the helm of a new take on The Witcher franchise.


Zieliński, creative analyst at Polish studio Fuero Games, to bring the role-playing series to uncharted territory. The narrative-driven single-player game will become a multiplayer online battle arena release for iOS and Android devices later this year.


Called The Witcher: Battle Arena, players can take on the role of characters from the Witcher franchise, including Saskia, Eithne, Zoltan, Iorveth, Philippa, Letho of Gulet, among others.


"This is a free game," says Zieliński. "Not free-to-play. Everything is unlock able with gameplay and there's no pay to win."


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