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The International Compendium 2015

04/05/2015 09:52:15

Every year, Valve puts together a digital compendium for The International. The compendium, which sells for $9.99.


The digital compendium helps players and fans from around the world celebrate the tournament, but perhaps more importantly it also fuels the prize pool for the finals and gives away a lot of neat little Dota 2 rewards.


Rewards are unlocked in two ways: through stretch goals and by leveling up your compendium through play. Stretch goal unlockables include loading screens, emoticons, music and announcer packs, special couriers and, if the compendium brings in $15 million, a special Axe Immortal and Longform comic.


Sixteen teams are expected to participate in The International 2015, which runs form Aug. 3 to Aug. 8.



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