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The Harrowing begins in League of Legends

28/10/2014 11:25:00

It's that time of year again when League of Legends celebrates Halloween with its own in-game event known as The Harrowing.


The Black Mist rolls over land and sea, seeking the living—leaving them helpless to the half-glimpsed horrors it carries. The poor souls return with the mist to the Shadow Isles. In time, they’ll forget friends and lovers, even themselves, becoming part of the terrible force that grows stronger every year.


Riot Games has created a stunning video that you can not miss.





Remember the Hexakill mode that was temporarily added to League of Legends? Well, it's back. And this time it'll be played on the Twisted Treeline. Doubling the number of champions that's normally allowed on the 3v3 map, Hexakill will take a total of 12 champions to Twisted Treeline map.


Gold and experience rewards across the map have been bumped up, and controllering both altars now buffs you as well as your minions.

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