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The end is nigh, Mayan Death Robots to invade Earth on November 20th

11/09/2015 09:16:04

Oh right yeah, another Mayan prediction… as if that’s going to happen…


There are only so many times you can listen to those crazy Mayan predictions without crying wolf, but the credible folks at Sileni Studios in Belgium promise this one’s real:  Mayan Death Robots  is duelling its way onto PC via  Steam this coming November 20th.


In  Mayan Death Robots, giant killer alien robots have come to earth to make a TV show, wake up the gods, and fight off Spanish conquistadors – ingredients guaranteed to deliver spectacular results every time. Players choose their robot and launch into vigorous one-on-one versus battles against friends in local multiplayer, or they can prove their worth battling the robot AI.


“Those Maya had some pretty wild stories, but this one’s true: our game is coming out this November, and in great shape,” said Karel Crombecq, lonely code shepherd at Sileni Studios. “I’m super proud of what me and Erwin have done with Mayan Death Robots, and so far a lot of other people say they like it too. Not long to go and we’ll know if they’re telling the truth too!”


Published by Soedesco, Mayan Death Robots is coming to PC via Steam on November 20th, followed by consoles at a later date.



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