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Terraria: Otherworld will include tower-defense gameplay

13/03/2015 09:18:41

Terraria: Otherworld will feature tower-defense style gameplay, the developer confirmed on the game's forums.


According to the studio, Otherworld will include a core storyline that can be played through freely - meaning there won't be a structured quest-line. NPC's will likewise have their own storylines and personalities, all of which will be composed of elements that are selected at random and rearranged through every playthrough.


In order to progress through the storyline, the player will be tasked with finding, crafting and activating "Purifying Towers" that act as a defensive measure to push back the Corruption. Towers attract enemies, which means that players will have to construct customizable Wartowers to protect them.


The game will also feature skill trees that will allow for more control over your progress in the game, with skills and items improving over time with use.


Terraria: Otherworld is currently in development for Mac and Windows PC, while Re-Logic is still contemplating self-publishing the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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