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TERA : Castles in the Sky coming in February

19/01/2015 09:10:00

The first producer's letter for TERA: Rising has been published on the official site.


Of particular note is the arrival of new content in February in the form of an addition to the Fate of Arun expansion launched recently. Guilds will not only have access to castles but those castles will be in the sky!


Guilds will be able to lay siege to one another's castles and be able to earn guild housing for winning these epic confrontations once the season is over. The top ten guilds that have clawed their way to the top both in PvP and PvE components will be awarded a sky castle.


The Sky Cruiser Endeavor will also launch in February in both normal and hard modes. It is said that some of the game's most difficult monsters will challenge players.


In addition to the above, the following are also coming in February:


Tier 6 gear selection expands, with Generation and Renegade equipment serving as the top tier
Players will be able to 'awaken' and enchant gear to +15
Dungeons changes
Class balance


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