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Team Fortress 2's new update adds contracts, unique weapons, new maps and more

03/07/2015 09:31:00

Valve's venerable free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2 is getting a new update — dubbed the Gun Mettle update — this week that will add a new contract system, a slew of new weapons, a trio of new maps and some fresh taunts.


The Gun Mettle campaign is a three-month event in which players can take on contracts, each of which feature various skill-based challenges. Complete those contracts and players will be rewarded with one-of-a-kind weapons featuring randomized paintjobs. Those weapons, which have varying degrees of rarity, can be traded or sold.


Taking part in the Gun Mettle campaign requires players to purchase a campaign pass, which costs $5.99. Valve has posted a lengthy FAQ with extensive details about the campaign.


Players won't have to pay for the rest of the update's additions, which include Powerhouse, a new three-point capture point map, three new community-made maps — Borneo, Suijin and Snowplow — and community-made taunts, including one aimed squarely at the Metal Gear Solid fan.



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