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Star Wars: Battlefront does not have a Death Star map

01/07/2015 09:05:04

"We will not offer a Death Star based map."


DICE's upcoming shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will not include a map set on the Death Star, the iconic fictional spacecraft from the sci-fi series. A DICE community manager shared the news in a post on Reddit, where a fan asked if there would be an infantry-focused map set on the ship itself.


"We will not offer a Death Star-based map," the manager said. "But stay tuned for details around the maps we will offer."


There will be a total of 12 maps available on day one, with more presumably to come later as DLC.


We already knew that Battlefront will not include space battles, but the DICE manager teased that if the studio gets to work on a sequel, "I think it's a safe bet to say we will look into it."


DICE also confirmed that there will be Star Destroyers flying by in the sky on other maps, but you will not be able to shoot them down.



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