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Star Trek Online´s new episode released

14/04/2016 09:18:08

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios yesterday announced Star Trek Online: Season 11.5 is now available.

The mid-season update introduces a new featured episode called “Temporal Front” and system updates designed to improve the gaming experience for STO captains hailing from all different factions. This includes a revamp of the current Skill System, secondary options for the Specialization System, plus new Visual Slots to customize the look and feel of ships.

In this episode, players are taken to the Romulus Embassy, where faction leaders are meeting to discuss an alliance after the Iconian War. All attempts to reach a peaceful resolution are destroyed when the Na’Kuhl crash the summit to attack the embassy. 

This invasion sends players on a mission to the future to battle the Na’Kuhl before they travel through time to destroy the Federation.

Check out the trailer for Temporal Front below.


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