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Star Citizen nearing $68 million

26/12/2014 10:35:00

Crowdfunding campaign likely to close out the year with yet another major milestone.


The crowdfunding campaign for PC space sim Star Citizen continues to soar. The project is closing in on $68 million, which is up from $66 million earlier this month. Funding currently stands at $67.8 million, meaning the campaign is likely to hit the next million milestone before the end of the year.


More than 694,000 people have contributed to the Star Citizen crowdfunding effort, which originally began in October 2012 on Kickstarter before later shifting to the game's official website. Star Citizen is the most successful project, at least in terms of funds, of any kind in history.


Star Citizen's crowdfunding effort still has a ways to grow, according to Roberts, who said previously that he envisions the campaign reaching $100 million some day.


In other recent Star Citizen news, version 1.0 of the game's Arena Commander module was released just last week.


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