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SMITE reveals Khepri, The Dawn Bringer

03/08/2015 09:46:26

SMITE revealed its latest god recently: Khepri, The Dawn Bringer. Khepri is a non-traditional support that specializes in buffing allies and setting up kills.


Hi-Rez recently revealed its latest addition to the SMITE roster: Khepri, The Dawn Bringer. He rolls this sun, bringing light and protecting the desert. 


Scarabs form dirt and dung into perfect spheres. Within, they lay eggs from which their young emerge fully formed. Using powerful arms and legs, scarabs can roll these spheres many times their own size incredible distances. It is from their father, Khepri, the sacred scarab gained this power. For the Dawn Bringer, the Sun is his sphere and all souls, living and dead, his children.


The god is an effective Guardian, capable of minimizing crowd control effects, buffing allies, and setting up kills.


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