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SMITE celebrates 10 million players with Kevin Sorbo

27/07/2015 09:34:23

It's official: SMITE, the mythology-themed third-person battle arena game, has been played by 10 million unique players.


And to celebrate, Hi-Rez Studios is unveiling a new skin of truly mythological proportions—Retro Hercules, voiced by Kevin Sorbo.


Hercules has been a playable god in SMITE since the early beta days, so he's seen a lot of updates and custom skins, such as "Hunkules" and "Grand Slam." Hi-Rez will be bringing back his original skin, "Retro Herc" just as he was back in 2013.


Icing on the cake, however, is Sorbo, who was the star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, a popular TV series from the late '90s that spun-off into cult classic Xena: Warrior Princess.



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