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22/04/2015 10:16:29

The game of gods


Not long ago, Smite introduced mythological gods in the MOBA genre. Following in Smite’s footsetps, Skyforge, a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Allods Team and Obsidian for, comes on stage. Skyforge combines fantasy and science fiction in an ambitious hi-tech project that aims to recover the genre’s simplicity in a game that’s anything but simple.

Let’s review what we know to date about this game: does it have what it takes to become a hit or will it pass unnoticed? 

Obsidian is on a winning streak

Obsidian is not only collaborating in this game, but is also responsible for Pillars of Eternity, which can be rendered as the successor of the mythical Baldur’s Gate spirit. That alone will make hordes of fans interested in the game.

Immortal from minute zero. Objective: become a god

How can being immortal from the very beginning be interesting in a combat game? What’s the challenge? Well, in Skyforge being immortal is not enough, because the characters have to travel the path from immortality to divinity. All skills and abilities upgrades are focused on that aim, and you will have to make your NPC followers have blind faith on you. Gods will be even more powerful than mere immortals; as you will have guessed, this is not a democracy. The prayers of your devotees will feed your power, regardless of you being a fair and merciful god or the wickedest deity of the whole universe. It is, at least, an original approach.



Skill learning system: ‘The Ascension Atlas’

In Skyforge you can only create one character per account, but that character will be able to access eventually all the existing classes. Regardless of your class, the acquired abilities are a part of your character’s development and you never lose your progresses. The abilities are distributed by nodes, in a tool called ‘Ascension Atlas’. In the lower level, you learn abilities and talents for your character. Later, you unlock the upper level, the one for global progress, in which you can discover new classes. Once there, you can choose whether you stick to your initial class and perfect it or switch to a new class with unknown or locked talents.
‘The Ascension Atlas’ is a complex but flexible system: it allows you to experience as much as you want without losing the progress achieved.

Spend some time exploring the skills tree

You could focus on basic stats that will give your character the power to cause a greater damage and will improve the maximum health, but if you spend some time studying the optimal skill combination you will be able to make the most of them. There are 3 sets of stats. The Mechanics modify the way other stats work, like critical damage, recovering, health… Other stats work on accumulation basis, so they enhance the talents and weapons you want, regardless of the class. Equipment items like rings, weapons and other upgrades can up some indicators.


The matchmaking system in Skyforge uses two indicators to choose the players that are to fight: Prestige, which defines the instances you can enter, and each player’s abilities. Try to know all the strong points and weaknesses of each class, because both you and your opponent will be able to use any of them. The battles between guilds will take place at the Pantheon Wars, but we don’t know much about them yet.

Skyforge is a very promising game, so we will stay up to date to know what this MMORPG is up to.





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