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Rust creator on Minecraft sale:

18/09/2014 08:25:00


Some have criticized Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson for "selling out." Facepunch Studios founder Garry Newman says he would have done the same thing in that position, and not just because it would mean becoming fabulously rich.


"Once you start hiring people your whole attitude changes," reads a blog post by Newman, who is best known for Rust and Garry's Mod. "You're not just f***ing about with your life anymore.. you're f***ing about with other people's lives--and the lives of their families. You can't just sell out and f*** everyone over.”


“Long story short. I'd have done the same thing," Newman said. "The money is enough to very much take care of all the staff. The game is in relatively safe hands. Mojang's legacy is as a huge success story instead of a one-hit wonder. Everyone wins. Can you seriously say you'd have done it differently?"


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