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Rocket League reaches 5 million downloads

03/08/2015 09:47:54

Psyonix’s smash hit car game, Rocket League, has reached the 5 million download mark.


The little game about little cars has been making big waves in the online marketplace. This last week, Rocket League has sold over 5 million units.


The game currently costs $19.99 on Steam (£14.99). Recent survey projects that roughly 500,000 users have downloaded the game on Steam.


A playable demo of the game was available at E3 and the game itself released a couple weeks later (on July 7). Critic reception for the game has been mostly positive; the game received an 85 on Metacritic. Though it still has a couple bugs, the game is simple to understand, hard to master and a lot of fun to play. And it’s one of the only “MOBAs” on Playstation 4.


The studio is ecstatic about the game’s reception. Its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars performed poorly in its opening weeks. According to recent reports, Rocket League surpassed Supersonic’s total sales in three weeks.



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