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Rising Thunder: A PC-only fighting game from experts in the genre

22/07/2015 08:17:10

Rising Thunder is the fighting game built by the fighting game community’s most enthusiastic leaders, and it’s been built specifically to address what’s wrong with the genre.


EVO founders Tom and Tony Cannon have partnered with game designer Seth Killian, who worked on both community and combat for Street Fighter before leaving Sony Santa Monica, to make something that’s competitive without isolating anyone.


“It’s a really hard genre,” Killian told IGN. “To play, to do the basic moves of the game we assume as designers you can do, requires, depending on who you are, three months? Six months? Years, sometimes, to master. That doesn’t mean you’re good when you’re done [with] that grinding process. Now you can begin playing the game we have actually designed.”


It succeeds, of course. Street Fighter IV continues to see re-releases because it’s among Capcom’s most successful multi-million-seller series. But it comes with a catch that, when you think about it from the perspective of the creator, is pretty depressing.


“It’s a big success, there’s a million people playing,” Killian says of Street Fighter. “Then week two, 150,000 people online. Week three…15,000. What’s happening there? Why are those guys dropping out?”


In games such as Street Fighter, “people can’t do the moves. They drop out before they do the moves. Online sucks, and if you don’t have people who live close to you who are nuts about this game, it’s really hard to have a competitive experience. Also, we’re charging people $60 for the opportunity to grind for six months. At which point, you begin to play the game.”


So Radiant Entertainment is committed to Rising Thunder’s concept with blind conviction. Rising Thunder is a free-to-play, PC-only, ranked multiplayer-focused online game. Its meant to be played competitively by anyone, at any time.



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