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Project Gorgon: 100% Funding Achieved

04/08/2015 09:45:06

Project Gorgon is a Kickstarter success with the achievement of its funding goal.


With the realization of $20,000 from backers, the team has now turned its eye to stretch goals, the first two of which will be a 'unique backer mount' at $25,000 and a 'timed exclusive backer character race: dwarves' at $30,000.


The Dwarves are stout, dour subterranean people and Kickstarter Backers will have exclusive access to them during the alpha and beta period! Kickstarter backers below the Patron level will be able to unlock the Dwarven class through in-game objectives, while those at or above the Patron level will have them automatically unlocked once available.



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