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PREVIEW. Lost Ark vs. Lineage Eternal. Hack and slash, no matter who to

18/12/2014 17:50:00

Among the big number of new games that were presented at G-Star, there is a genre, ARG, action MMOPRG’s or Hack & Slash MMO’s, in which we include two new projects we’re looking forward to know more about: Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal. So if you enjoy hitting and banging waves of enemies, this is your time for online games.


The Korean developer Smilegate has shown a new extended trailer of Lost Ark, a highly anticipated game that has been defined as a Hack & Slash MMO, where lovers of epic online beatings will have a great time (as long as the game is published in Western markets).



Despite of the similarities with Diablo 3, the game will include massive battles the word “epic” is not enough to describe, with an almost cinematic gameplay (we still have to check how much of this will be included in the last version of the game) and environments that are destroyed as we fight on them. We can use these scenarios to leave behind hordes of angry enemies trying to catch us. All this features use Unreal Engine 3, so the high quality graphics are a fact. Besides, the isometric view will show us all details.


Lost Ark will have 18 characters in 4 classes: Fighter, Warrior, Magician and Gunner, which we will see in action next year, when is going to be released the Beta. There are a lot of features to be confirm, but this trailer make us look forward to this releasing.


The trailer was shown on G-Star, where other Korean developer, NCSoft, introduced Lineage Eternal, a direct competitor for Lost Ark.


This second game, which has kept the mystery about itself for a long time, has appeased our curiosity with a new video in which we could see the potential of this game: incredible graphics, characters and highly detailed environments in a gameplay based on banging enemies. A great game to relieve the stress.



The graphics catch our attention in the first frame of the game: we will have to rub our eyes twice to check out our sense of sight is not kidding us. Cities in ruins where we can even see the last crack in the stone, animated characters fighting as part of the background, fog, dust, special effects… We will see all these next year, when the game is supposed to be released globally, for both PC and mobile devices.


Western market players might pay more attention to Lineage Eternal because its global releasing. We will have to wait to confirm this for Lost Ark, but with that gameplays, we’re looking forward to play them both.


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