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Possible Albion Online Beta in November

08/09/2015 09:17:35

A recent change to the Albion Online founder packs hints that beta testing could be just around the corner. Despite three different levels of beta access, all of them state that closed beta starts in November 2015.


The founder packs include Legendary, Epic and Veteran tiers with the following benefits:


  • Legendary: Beta access before everyone else, 12,000 gold, 90 days premium content, and a number of in-game items.
  • Epic: Beta access before Veteran players, 4,500 gold, 60 days premium content, and a few less items than the Legendary pack.
  • Veteran: Beta access, 2,000 gold, 30 days premium content, and a certificate.


A recent update also went over a few new aspects of Albion Online that will be available once the game hits closed beta. Shrines will be scattered across the world that allow players to craft enchanted gear, however, the more power the shrine the stronger its guards will be. There will also be special treasure chests placed around the world. Chests will have various tiers and the level of danger will correspond to the quality of loot inside. Once a chest is opened it will be put on cooldown, which could lead to some interesting player interaction.



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