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Popular World of Warcraft bot creators planning comeback

26/05/2015 09:24:13

HonorBuddy says it's getting ready to bring back it honor-farming service.


The creators of HonorBuddy, a popular World of Warcraft bot that was recently detected by Blizzard, is planning to bring the service back to life.


HonorBuddy allows players to collect honor in PvP without actually engaging anyone and requires no input from the player.


"We will soon release HonorBuddy again," staff member "Bossland" said in a post on the official HonorBuddy forum. "Again, we will give no guarantee and we have never given a guarantee, that our software is immune to detection or bans."


HonorBuddy speculated that its client was detected via "malware-type hidden software," which scanned and found computers that were running software that violated the World of Warcraft's terms of service.


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