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Otherland adds 70 new quests and a brand new region

01/12/2015 09:18:04

A total of 70 new quests have been added to the game, letting players fight against hordes of demons, which are not the only thing hiding in the brushes of Wood Isle.


Broken away from the other islands, Wood Isle features a vast forest, filled with powerful allies. But not every creature hiding there is friendly. Players will have to fend off the most dangerous creatures yet, hiding in the darkness of the forest. But wood monsters are far from the only danger Wood Isle holds. Allies and enemies will both be confronted to an unholy force: Demons!


In this update, the developers have focused on improving combat by rebalancing the damage and healing system. Combat is now more challenging, strategical and enjoyable for all players. With 70 new quests, Wood Isle offers a lot of new content to explore. This update will also increase the level cap to 55. 


Otherland is available via Steam and currently 50% on sale. Pricing for Starter Edition is 9,49 €, for Deluxe Edition 13,99 € and for Collectors Edition 22,99 €.



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