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Neverwinter: Oathbound paladins subject of new design blog

03/02/2015 08:25:00

Cryptic Studios has published a brand new developer design blog that centers around the Oathbound Paladin, the new class coming with the Elemental Evil module.


The post goes into detail about the two distinctive Paragon paths the Oathbound Paladin can take, either as a healer or as a tank.


When the time comes to select a particular path, players will be able to take one of the following "oaths":


Oath of Devotion: Increases healing by 100% and gives the recipient a 5% stats increase for eight seconds
Oath of Protection: Generates 500% more threat and take 10% less damage. In addition, the oath allows players up to 10% of their maximum health as added power when taking damage


The class mechanic is called "Divine Call" that can be stacked up to three times. A passive skill, the mechanic is tailored to the oath taken.


Divine Call: 1 charge that heals allies slightly within a 30' radius or taunts enemies in a 30' radius
Divine Call of Devotion: 1 charge that heals all allies within 30' and if used within 10 seconds, heals for +50% more
Divine Call of Protection: Taunts all enemies within 30' and gives the player +10% damage resistance and +5% damage reflection as long as the mechanic is active.


The blog goes into more detail about some of the specific skills including the auras Paladins bring to a party that make them essential members:


Aura of Courage that gives all players within a 30' radius a damage bonus
Aura of Truth that reduces damage of allies within 30' by 5%
Aura of Wisdom that increases recharge speed by 10% within 30' of the Paladin
Aura of Haste gives a 20% movement increase and 20% faster AP recharge within 30' of the Paladin


Lastly, the Cryptic team participated in a Twitch broadcast last week to show off the Oathbound Paladin in action. You can check it out on the Neverwinter / PWE / Cryptic Studios Twitch page.

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