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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil emerges from the shadows

22/01/2015 09:10:00

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced the pending arrival of the newest and largest expansion to date for Neverwinter. The new content is said to be on target for release in early 2015.


Elemental Evil expands the number of classes out to eight with the addition of the paladin, a holy warrior who can choose between a healing and tanking build. In addition, the expansion pushes the level cap out from 60 to 70, ensuring that even established adventurers have something to do. To surmount those new levels, players will have access to a number of new quests, and be rewarded with new feats and character abilities.


While the announcement was focused on Elemental Evil, Cryptic also took the opportunity to highlight a few other major features on the way before the end of the year, including the addition of iconic D&D characters into the game, as well as guild housing in the form of strongholds. 


While Neverwinter is currently only available on PC, a release on Xbox One is also planned for an unspecified time in early 2015.


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