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Mystic Kingdom launched for Android and iOS mobile devices

02/03/2016 07:32:50

Netmarble has announced that its mobile RPG, Mystic Kingdom, has launched for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The game is available worldwide and in six different languages.




Exciting heroes and 3D graphics: Mystic Kingdom offers six unique job types and over 50 characters with unique skills and personalities.
Diverse growth system with many choices: Players can collect various materials to upgrade heroes, equipment, and skills to grow characters.
Simple, sophisticated strategy
Strategic battles
An endless amount of content: Mystic Kingdom offers more than 200 stages grounded on a great story. More game modes, including the PVP Dungeon, Guild Battles, Boss Battles, and Infinite Dungeons, appear as players progress through the stages. Players can also participate in Territorial Wars, which allows users to capture resources from one another.



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