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The Season 11 Part 1 is now available for MU Online

10/03/2016 08:31:35

With MU Season 11- 1 update, players can now explore Ferea, a new map. The Darkangel Mastery Set and the Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon are also now available.


The Season 11 Part 1 invites the players to Ferea, a new area, featuring a stunning city full of magnificent structures and artworks. Only players with a level 400 character or higher are allowed to enter Ferea, where many enemies await them. Defeat the Ferea Knights, Fighters, Archers, Generals and the most powerful boss monster Lord of Ferea to get a number of valuable drop-items.


With this content update, Darkangel Mastery Set items are now available for all classes and players can purchase Excellent Bloodangel Weapons from the Ruud Shop. 



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